Friday, November 1, 2013

Delaney Brown Assignment 3

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The extremely successful department store, Target utilizes a Facebook page to gain followers, promote items, engage customers, and give people a place to post their commentary.  In my opinion, Target does a good job using this social media page an effective source of social media marketing for a number of reasons.  First, the page is constantly being updated, posting new material, and rapidly responding to commentary.  It facilitates participation by creating games that are inspired by the season.  Today, the page posted a game that toys with the “no shave November” fad by placing products that look like mustaches in a picture for anyone to guess what type of mustache the product resembles.  The Target page is keeps the page fresh with content flow by providing videos of inspiration, promotional advertisements, and will even post printable recipes using discounted Target ingredients that.  The most recent video advertisement introduces the fact that the holidays are approaching and demonstrates a perfect setting of a family getting ready to sit around the table.  The video is short, festive and features a remarkable amount of Target items.
Additionally, Target promotes and includes User-Generated Content in that they provide a designated part of the page for commentary by customers.  The weakness with this section is that commentary tends to fall upon the extremes: customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction.  There are many angry comments about Target’s website shutting down often, delivery fees, and other negative personal stories.  On the other hand, extremely happy customers will upload pictures of them using their purchase or even their kids wearing/using a particular product.  To address this commentary, Target always has a representative comment back to the person to give suggestions, address any issues, or thank them for the complement.  This “Customer Service Portal” is quick to respond whether the commentator finds this response helpful or not.

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