Friday, November 1, 2013

Becca Bressler – Assignment 3: Social Media Marketing Analysis

 Company: Ford Mustang
Social Media Platform: Facebook
Popularity: 5,497,021 likes/ 200,002  talking about this

Ford Mustang focuses its social media energy on engaging the user and focusing on participation. By doing so, it has fostered a community among both Mustang owners and admirers of the car, which in my opinion marks their great success in the social media-marketing world. Ford Mustang publishes about 1-2 posts each day, and they are very creative in their use of contests and games. In the spirit of Halloween they released an application where you could customize your own Mustang and “Monsterize it”. This ploy alone has garnered much user-generated content and a few people each hour have been submitting their own design to the Ford Mustang Page. Fans of the page also regularly upload pictures of them and their Ford Mustang from all over the world. Ford even has attractive premiums – they put on a Ford Mustang 5.0 Fever Sweepstakes in which one grand prize winner actually won a 2013 Ford Mustang. 

Another way in which Ford Mustang encourages participation is through their events. The Facebook profile has an events page noting a variety of performance tours and racing challenges all over the country. There is a general forums page, which allows for fans to talk directly to each other, however it is seldom used. They even have a top fans page where they rank fans on a point system where they receive points for liking Ford Mustang on Facebook, contributing through posts, comments and likes, and based on the quality of their participation. For example, their current ranked #1 fan has 35 posts on Ford’s Facebook page and 468 comments. It is unclear what the incentive is to be a top fan, but I would imagine there are some neat prizes involved.  They don’t offer a direct Customer Service “portal” on their Facebook page, but their page description does include a phone number and website for people with customer service questions or concerns. I think their content flow is what makes them so successful and relevant. They post daily and are varied in their material, which could be a cool video, picture, question, or combination. Each of their posts receive an upwards of tens of thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. In all, Ford Mustang fans seem very enthusiastic and pleased with their relationship to the company on Facebook.

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