Thursday, October 3, 2013

Assignment #2
Melissa Russi

Hacker group in China linked to big cyber attacks: Symantec

A notorious hacker group working out of China known as “Hidden Lynx,” was recently reported to have taken apart in several cyber crimes. Hidden Lynx managed to break into networks, obtain important information, and reveal company secrets. It is believed that the Hidden Lynx organization includes around 100 expert professionals proficient in extensive knowledge and adept with certain skills used to breach networks and acquire top secret information. Hidden Lynx is said to have been involved with the 2009 Operation Aurora attacks in which the hackers broke into the Google and Adobe systems attempting to uncover emails and change source codes. Other attacks on behalf of Hidden Lynx include a breach at Cybersecurity and Bit9 firms. The report also revealed that Hidden Lynx was involved with the Voho campaign in which Voho attacked hundreds of finance, technology, and healthcare organizations.  

I believe these attackers were operating most under “dissociative anonymity” because working as a group behind computer screens they are less easily identified.  The hackers are associated as a whole unit under the name “Hidden Lynx.” Working as a unit, their names and identities are likely to remain anonymous. With this sense of protection, Hidden Lynx is able to be more effective in their attacks as their members are disinhibited from any sense of personal attachment to the crimes. They are free from any direct responsibility and do not have to own to anything they say or do. They are essentially able to completely separate their actions and names from the real world making them even more powerful while they operate online.

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